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Citizen Skyhawk Watches

For the love of wristwatches one can join forums, discussing the merits of choosing particular watches such as Citizen Skyhawk. This watch company was founded in 1918. Only high end department and jewelry stores as well as retailers sell this kind of watch. One out of the most phenomenal collection that this watch has is name Citizen Skyhawk Blue Angel. The Blue Angel watch has a perpetual calendar, two alarms and can be used for deep sea diving since it has the resistance of 666 feet. Most of the watch from this timepiece maker carries alarm features. The same thing can be said about citizen watches.

You can learn how to use your particular Citizen Skyhawk model by consulting the information that can be found on their official website. Even if you are purchasing a replica the same mechanisms does apply with slight variations of course. This watch can be a good gift for the perfect man in your life. This watch runs on the latest technology with advance timing functions. Even a sports enthusiast can expect a lot of exciting things that can be done with the help of this watch aside from telling the right time.

Citizen Skyhawk Features:

To give you a bird’s eye view of what awaits you when you wear any Citizen Skyhawk watch, here are some of its most outstanding characteristics:

- Fast Forward time features. This includes time, calendar in all 22 time zones, 30 cities and 3 world time alarms,99 minute timer, interchangeable analog and digital display with just one clickcitizen-skyhawk-2

- Large white hands which can be easily seen even in the dark

- Classy yet sporty type masculine watch

- Made out of stainless steel case and bracelet

- Water resistant

- Non-reflective mineral crystal

- Some models have luminous dial markers while others incorporate water and pressure sensors. This is helpful for divers

- Lunar phase indicator tracking the cycle of the moon around the earth

- Other models have rechargeable batteries when exposed to sunlight such as the Eco-Drive watch. The light from the sun will continue to lit this watch from 45 years to 5 years

- Chronograph function with reset button to instantly convert counters to zero

- Tailored to suit each profession. Meant for pilots, divers, swimmers etc

- Power reserve from 6 months to2.5 years depending on the power save mode that you are using

- Fold-over clasp with hidden double push button function for easier removal after use

Won’t it be great to see this Citizen Skyhawk watch on your man’s arm? No wonder why people give this watch as a gift for any occasion since this kind of watch is always included in the top ten best seller watches of all time. For pilots choosing a A-T watch can be the best choices that they have made so far when it comes to watches. First of all this time keeping device is filled with all kinds of gadgets and gizmos geared towards aviation. This can be useful for frequent travellers. So far the most highly in demand men’s chronograph a watch by this brand is the Eco-Drive Men’s Calibre 2100 watch. The titanium case alone can catch anyone’s attention because of its stylish and updated appearance. This is said to be a good complement to your daily activities and any kind of clothes that you use.

It is the titanium material that makes this watch non corrosive and hypoallergenic. It is also lighter than steel but 30x stronger. This watch is eco-friendly too because of the eco-friendly technology use in manufacturing it. You can say that the manufacturer of this watch is not just concern about the profits but the preservation of our earth for future generations to come. Do not let this distinctively designed watch fool you since it is its utterly useful functions that makes it special.

The Citizen Skyhawk is meant to be worn by confident, sophisticated and even romantic men who know what they want, and are not afraid to get it. Owning a Citizen Skyhawk gives you the feeling of conquering Mount Everest. Most men love the smell and feel of leather this is why Citizen Skyhawk has managed to incorporate this in some of their models.

citizen-skyhawkOne of the best things about this watch is that you can wear you watch anywhere. You can go to the office wearing this watch and it would never look out of place if in case you decide to swim later on. This watch is built for men with active lifestyles. The research and development team has managed to come up with a design that can easily be worn for whatever occasion you would like to attend. Whether you are attending a business meeting or just want to enjoy sailing the sea with your friends this is the right watch for you. These same qualities can be found in the Citizen Skyhawk replica.

Replica sellers have made it a point to satiate your need for a watch that matches your lifestyle without the need to pay a high price for it. As a bonus this watch the Eco-Drive model can give its wearer the name of the closest city. This watch allows you adjust the time for daylight saving time. By turning the crown clockwise the hand mode will be set to time while the CAL for calendar. In case you are traveling locate the city where you are at and set the button to bring up the time and date that fits to your city.

As a word of warning you need to stay clear of large buildings and mountains if you want a clearer radio transmission while setting the time. If you don’t take care of the crown it can easily be damaged. Frequent wear and tear can abuse the usefulness of this watch. The same thing applies whether you own a real or replica version of the Citizen Skyhawk. If you are a man who wants to see useful features that can be used on a daily basis then this is the perfect man for you when it comes to watches.